DEBRA Canada’s Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are DEBRA Canada members who inform and educate the public about EB, create awareness about EB year ´round, and avocate for as well as network with EB patients on non-medical issues

Ahmed Hussaini Syed

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Cierra Iredale

Read Cierra’s Story

Evan Prescott

Read Evan’s Story

Izzy Porter

Read Izzy’s Story

Jonathan Pietre

Read Jonathan’s Story

Kourtney Kujawa

Read Kourtney’s Story

Micheline Boileau-Bougon

Read Micheline’s Story

Natalie Buchanan

Read Natalie’s Story

Noemy Pitre

Read Noemy’s Story

Novelette Monroe

Read Novelette’s Story

Raquel Hultman

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Ross Rheaume

Read Ross’s Story

Sarah Sweeney

Read Sarah’s Story

Tina Boileau

Read Tina’s Story

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