Sending your child to summer camp!

Introducing Camp Liberté

Camp Liberté is open to children between the ages of 7 and 14 with moderate to severe skin conditions, who want to experience summer camp with other kids going through similar experiences. At Camp Liberté, all campers have the opportunity to forget their worries, learn new skills, meet new friends and develop self-confidence in a safe and fun environment at no cost to parents.

Camp Liberté has five locations: Camp East in Quebec; Camp Marcoux in Ontario; Camp West in Alberta; Camp BC in British Columbia; and Camp Maritime in New Brunswick.

Please note: This is not a DEBRA Canada run program, and you must contact Camp Liberté to apply for the camp. To contact Camp Liberté, email: or call: 403-910-2432

Camp Liberté Referral Process

To attend Camp Liberté, the application process begins with a visit to your child’s pediatric dermatologist or dermatologist. If your child is suitable for camp your doctor will then need to contact Camp Liberté and provide your child’s name and contact information. All applications must be submitted by April 1st.

1100 1 St SE, Suite #510 Calgary, AB T2G 1B1

Once Camp Liberté receives your information, Camp Liberté will contact you directly to complete the application and prepare it for the selection committee. The selection committee will first meet in April and then as often as necessary to complete the camp rosters. You will be notified regardless of whether your application is accepted or not.

For questions, please contact or call 1-403-910-2432.

Camp Liberté Website


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