Bella's Ball of Friction Activity Challenge

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 Bella's Ball of Friction Activity Challenge!

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Why Virtual/Socially Distanced Friction?

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) covers several rare genetic skin conditions that manifest in skin fragility in response to minor trauma or friction. The result is painful blisters and open wounds that never heal properly.

Due to the gathering restrictions of the pandemic, this year, we are asking all our Bella’s Ball supporters to join us for a virtual fundraising event.

For the week of February 22 – 28, 2021, get active and participate in a friction-orientated sport/activity and fundraise in support of Canadian families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa. Don’t take for granted what some of those that suffer from EB only wish they can do. 

Pick your activity – whether its walking, running, cycling, (outdoor or indoor treadmill), skiing, virtual exercise classes, whatever your passion. Then, create a fundraising page and post your activity results on our Bella’s Ball of Friction Strava Club Page. You can also track your activity on any other activity tracking platform (i.e., Fitbit etc.), but be sure to screen shot and posted on our Strava Club Page.   

Here’s How Can Help! – Become a Bella’s Ball Fundraiser!

Our goal is to raise $30,000.00. We hope you will consider creating a fundraising page or make a donation to the event page. All donations receive an immediate PDF tax receipt via email.

Step One: Register as a participant by creating your DEBRA Canada Bella’s Ball of Friction fundraising page Be sure to create your page by Monday, Feb 15, 2021, so you have time to announce/ share your fundraising page link with your network of family, friends, etc).

Create a Fundraising Page as: 

An Individual Participant – Collect or donate a minimum $45 in donations to your Bella’s Fundraising Page.

A Family Group (any size same household) – Collect or donate a minimum $120 in donations to your Fundraising Page.

Friends /Group Cohort (4) –  Collect or donate a minimum $120 in donations to your Fundraising Page.

Corporate Office Group (up to 10) – Collect or donate a minimum $500 in donations to your Corporate Office Fundraising Page.

*Please note, for each group above, a team lead will need to set up the fundraising page on behalf of the group.

Click here to create a fundraising page.

Once you have created a page, you can customize your page with a picture of yourself or your group and customize YOUR STORY - explaining why you are getting involved in this special fitness/activity fundraiser. Be sure to spread the word and share your page link with your network of family, friends, work colleagues, etc. and ask them to make a donation to your fundraising page to help you fundraise in support of the 9th Annual Bella's Ball Virtual Fundraiser.  Be sure to include a link to our Bella's Ball of Friction Strava Club Page (see details below), so you can show your results of your fitness tracking.

Step Two:  Track Your Activity - Join our Bella’s Ball of Friction Strava Club Page

Join our Bella’s Ball of Friction Club page on Strava. It's here where you can post the results of your daily fitness activity for the week of February 22-28,2021. As the Strava mantra goes… if it didn’t get recorded, it didn’t happen, but in this instance, DEBRA will not hold it against you and will trust in everyone’s ability to track and share all activities. Upload the activity, date, time, length of time and or distance and a photo being out and about, in the gym, in your gym or even walking with Jim (socially-distanced of course).

No doubt, it is going to be a challenging year ahead for so many of us. But here is the chance to do something fun and positive for a community that has been facing challenges and unimaginable pain since the day they were born.  

Will you join us in making a difference in the lives of families affected by EB?

We can't thank you enough for helping us to fundraise during these challenging times. 


Create a fundraising page and/or make a donation in lieu of participating, click here


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